Pickleball is the only sport that invites YOU to GO PRO with every swing.

With so many athletes emerging in the world of #Pickleball, we are selectively adding more and more player profiles to spotlight all the different styles and reasons people play the game and participate in the sport at the competitive level.

Kaitlyn Christian splits time with her WTA duties to get on the Pro Pickleball tour.

TWiP is always looking to pollenate our popular pages with proper pickleball parlance, prose and pontification about prominantely pleasant, polite and sometimes punk-ish players.

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What is means to be a Pickleball Pro is constantly evolving.

Four ‘Pro Pickleball’ players who are defining what it means to be a professional in the sport.

From couch potatoes, to weekend warriors, to gym-rats, to ex-collegiate, fringe and former pro tennis players; the sport of Pickleball is the Wild Wild West of giving a Second Life to the competitive juices of all involved.

We’re busily preparing individual player and tournament pages, but here’s a sneak peek at the list inside the ‘TWiP Content Pipeline’ that will feature top pickleball highlights as well as, on-and off-the court player interviews – the likes of which, you’ve never seen before in the sport of Pickleball.

COMING SOON – Highlights and Interviews with:

Ben Johns

Kyle Yates

Simone Jardim

Tyson McGuffin

Enrique Ruiz – 2019 Inductee into Pickleball Hall of Fame.

The Waters ‘Sisters’

The Newmans – Riley, Lindsay & Hayley

Lucy Kovolova

Matt Wright

Lucy Kitcher

Kaitlyn Christian

Jessie Irvine

Michelle Esquivell

Daniel Roditti

Scott Golden

Scott Moore

Daniel Moore

Daniel Roditti

Corinne Carr

John Hillebrand

Jaci West Reynolds