Nationals At Indian Wells – 2018

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TWiP is invading the Pickleball Nationals at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Nationals at Indian Wells – 2018 was the first year of a five-year deal at one of the tennis meccas in the world. If pickleball is going to make the jump to legitimization and a spectator sport, it will be due, in large part, to landing at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and ESPN. In Case You Missed It, here’s everything you need to know.

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Casey Neistat – We ran into the ‘King of Youtube’ and he had only one question: “What is Pickleball?”

The ‘King of Youtube’ really exists! Do you think it’s ok to call him ‘Uncle Casey’ ?

Intros – We’ll get you an overview of the tournament and the players to watch. As well as Men’s and Womens results from Singles, Doubles and Mixed events. We have all of the action, highlights and interviews from the six brackets of competition.

We’ve donned our ‘Reporter’s Hat’ and it’s time to answer Uncle Casey’s question about ‘What is Pickleball?”

The Lob Heard Around the World – During the Gold Medal Men’s Doubles match, one of the four best players in the world hit a shot that will go down as the most iconic in the history of Pickleball (at least to date).

One of these four hit the most iconic shot (to date) in the sport of Pickleball?

The Talk of the Tournament – There are no Iron Butterflys at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, however “In Da Tennis Garden of Eden Lica” a pro tennis player making the transition to pickleball and his name is on the tongues of all the pickleball pros.

Post Partum Pickleball – We’ve got the answer for getting back into life after pregnancy – via a player in Women’s Doubles bracket, who is back on the court competing only three months after giving birth.

Who was the player who was competing 3 months after giving birth?

Take Your Best Head Shot – In a tension filled Winner’s Bracket Final, in Mixed Doubles, one player got in an extra shot, that wasn’t appreciated.

The Spirit of 76 Dinks, Stinks – While everyone is raving about Pickleball in the desert and across the country, there’s one rally that represents one of the potential problem areas of the sport: Excessive Dinks

Other Interviews – Simone, Sarah, Kyle, Dave Weinbach, Marcin, Kaitlyn, Irina, Caroline Carr, Tennis Director, Kyle Klein, ESPN Director, Tyson, Ben Johns, Scott Golden, Matchmaker, Andrei ‘Pop’ Daescu, Pickleball Tours Dan and Scott Moore,