Former Tennis Pro Adds #100BumpVolley Wrinkle to Roger Federer/Andy Murray Challenges

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Are you ready for the #100BumpVolley Challenge?

Are you ready for the #100BumpVolley Challenge?

#ThisWeekInPickleball takes you to meet a former professional tennis player who is now active on the #Pickleball scene. 

Our mystery guest, who has made multiple appearances at Wimbledon as well as the French and Australian Opens, is adding a little twist to recent #TennisAtHome challenges put out to the Tennis Community by notable tennis players like Roger Federer’s Wall Challenge, Andy Murray’s #100volleyChallenge (of which Novak Djokovic also participated). 

Will anyone from the #Tennis or Pickleball community be able to keep up with this challenge and do it on their first take?

Please film or document yourself trying to complete the #100BumpVolley Challenge and let us know on social media.