Tournament of Champions – a.k.a. ToC

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One of the Top Three tournaments in Pickleball takes place in the altitude of the remote mountains in the ‘one-horse-town’ of Brigham City, Utah; where the rat-a-tat-tat of high-level pickleball is always on full display.

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T.O.C. Headlines

It’s Bag Check time with Tyson McGuffin – TWiP gets Up Close & Personal when we go through the bag of one of Pickleball’s most loved stars. This is a Bag Check like you’ve never seen before.

DISCLAIMER: Some content may be NSFW, proceed at your own risk!

Tyson Vs. Ben XIXExtended Highlights and Post Game Interviews

The Darling of the Tournament – None other than 11-year-old Anna Leigh Waters and she has everyone’s attention.

In a PeRFect Pickleball World – Only one name is on everyone’s Pickleball Wish List to defect from the world of Tennis.

3.0 Alysha and Kung Fu Chris, Part Deux

Results for Doubles, Mixed and Singles

Pickleball Proper: Mini Skirts Mania or Mayhem

Gold Medalist Matt [NSFW] Goebel

Interviews – Simone Jardim, Sarah Ansbury, Kyle Yates, Irina Tereshenko, Corrine Carr, Tyson McGuffin and, of course, Ben Johns