Major League Pickleball is First American Pro Sport with ‘Promotion / Relegation’ system, a la Pro Soccer

MLP announces Relegation / Promotion

MLP will be the first major American professional sports league to implement a promotion and relegation system by introducing top-tier MLP Premier Level and upstart MLP Challenger Level with teams competing in two 3-event seasons to solidify their spot in the top Level

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The PiCKLEBALL KiNG 👑 by the PPA Comish

LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec. 12, 2022 

Sports fans and pundits have long debated the merits of the ‘Promotion / Relegation’ system of professional soccer and how it should be applied to American Professional and Collegiate sports; specifically when it comes to collegiate football and professional basketball.

Today, Major League Pickleball released it’s 2023 schedule and announced the implementation of a Promotion and Relegation system that will move teams between the MLP Premier and the MLP Challenger Levels; with a prize payout of UP TO five million dollars distributed among the 96 MLP players.

“The division into the MLP Premier Level and MLP Challenger Level will ensure the highest caliber of competition while providing a pathway and opportunities for the next generation of pro pickleball stars to break through,” said MLP President and Commissioner Brooks Wiley. “Next year will be an exciting year of team competition that will set MLP up for long-term success with this strategic format.”

There will be 12 MLP teams in each of the Premier and Challenger levels and the 2023 calendar will be divided into two “seasons”; consisting of three team events per season. Each team will consist of two men and two women.

The MLP draft for the first season will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas this Thursday, December 15th and air on the Tennis Channel at 9:00 p.m. EST. (This MLP draft will be in the same location where the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) will be holding it’s team event and the first ‘combined event’ since the PPA/MLP merger announced last month).

The MLP Premier Level teams will draft first and will announce their rosters the same evening.

The MLP Challenger Level rosters will be announced over the following days on MLP social channels.

The ‘re-draft’ for the ‘second season’ will be in July after the end of the first season (three events), as some teams will find themselves competing in the opposite MLP Level.

These six events will be played across the sunniest and warmest parts of the United States (Arizona, California, Florida, and Georgia). The stops for 2023 Major League Pickleball seasons are:

MLP Season One: Dates / Locations

Jan. 26-29 – Mesa, AZ – Legacy Sports USA

March 23-26 – Daytona Beach, FL – Pictona at Holly Hill

June 15-18 – San Clemente, CA – Life Time Rancho San Clemente

Season One Championship: Monday night, June 19

MLP Season Two: Dates / Locations

Sept. 21-24 – Atlanta, GA – Life Time Peachtree Corners

Nov. 2-5 – La Quinta, CA – La Quinta Resort & Club

Dec. 7-10 – San Clemente, CA – Life Time Rancho San Clemente

Season Two Championship: Monday night, December 11

The promotion and relegation of teams will be based on results for the 2023 year across both seasons and levels; placing the Top 12 performing teams into the higher-tier MLP Premier Level and the Bottom 12 performing teams into the up-and-comer MLP Challenger Level for 2024.

Still waiting on details of how all of the Promotion / Relegation will work.

And we have the following questions:

1-Do we have specifics on how many of the Premier/Challenger teams will be moved Up or Down at the end of the ‘First Season’? 

2- Is the Relegation/Promotion based on some combination of Titles Won, then Games Won, then Points Won, Head-To-Head record, etc?

3-With teams of two men and two women, are there alternates as in previous MLP events?

4-Has the manipulation of the “Injury Substitution” for Dreambreaker been addressed? What are the rules/guidelines?

The rest of the 2023 MLP team owners, team names and geographical affiliations will be released soon.

Former Tennis Pro Adds #100BumpVolley Wrinkle to Roger Federer/Andy Murray Challenges

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Are you ready for the #100BumpVolley Challenge?

Are you ready for the #100BumpVolley Challenge?

#ThisWeekInPickleball takes you to meet a former professional tennis player who is now active on the #Pickleball scene. 

Our mystery guest, who has made multiple appearances at Wimbledon as well as the French and Australian Opens, is adding a little twist to recent #TennisAtHome challenges put out to the Tennis Community by notable tennis players like Roger Federer’s Wall Challenge, Andy Murray’s #100volleyChallenge (of which Novak Djokovic also participated). 

Will anyone from the #Tennis or Pickleball community be able to keep up with this challenge and do it on their first take?

Please film or document yourself trying to complete the #100BumpVolley Challenge and let us know on social media.

Ex tenista profesional agrega #100BumpVolley toque a los desafíos del Roger Federer y Andy Murray

English Version

¿Estás listo para el desafío del #100BumpVolley ? 

¿Estás listo para el desafío # 100BumpVolley?

#ThisWeekInPickleball te lleva a conocer a un ex tenista profesional que ahora está activo en la escena de #Pickleball

Nuestro invitado misterioso, que ha hecho múltiples apariciones en Wimbledon, así como el Abierto francés y el Abierto de Australia, propone un pequeño cambio a los retos #TennisAtHome recientes sacadas por la comunidad de tenis por jugadores notables como lo del Desafío de Pared de Roger Federer,  y el #100volleyChallenge de Andy Murray (del cual también participó Novak Djokovic ). 

¿Podrá alguien de la comunidad de #Tennis ó de Pickleball mantenerse al día con este desafío y hacerlo en su primera toma?

Por favor, filme ó documente a sí mismo tratando el desafío del # 100BumpVolley y háganos saber en las redes sociales.

La luz al final del túnel de “No Pickleball”

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Foto por: Todos los derechos reservados. ©2020

POR – Denny El Sopla-hojas

Las últimas tres semanas han sido las más aburridas de mi vida.

A partir de hoy, 15 de abril, tenía muchas ganas de volver a jugar pickleball, al menos esa fue mi luz al final del #StayHomeStaySafe, “No Pickleball” Tunnel.

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©2020 Todos los derechos reservados.

Ahora estamos contemplando el 1 de mayo … o tal vez un poco más.

¡Santos cielos!  

Yo estaba siendo tan buen ciudadano.

Tomando prestada la frase popular, hoy fue la luz al final de mi túnel “No Pickleball”, pero la luz resultó ser una locomotora de Coronavirus.

Es posiblemente una visión pesimista y egoísta, pero una descripción tristemente apropiada de la epidemia de coronavirus 2020.

Durante las últimas tres semanas, mis amigos me han estado enviando estos Textos de Tentación, ustedes los conocen:

sigue leyendo

The Light at the End of the ‘No Pickleball’ Tunnel

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Photo By: All Rights Reserved. ©2020

BY – Denny The Leaf-blower

The last three weeks have been the most boring weeks of my life.

As of today, April 15, I had been looking forward to playing pickleball again – at least that was my light at the end of the #StayHomeStaySafe, ‘No Pickleball’ Tunnel. 

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©2020 All Rights Reserved.

Now we are looking at May 1 … or maybe even longer. 


And I was being such a good little citizen.  

To borrow from a popular phrase, today was the light at the end of my ‘No Pickleball’ Tunnel, but the light turned out to be a Coronavirus locomotive.

It’s possibly a pessimistic and selfish view, but a sadly appropriate descriptive of the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic.

Over the last three weeks my friends have been sending me these Temptation Texts, you know the ones:  

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How the Golden Boy spends his time away from the microphone.

Hey Picklers, check out the Behind The Scenes bloopers from latest video attempt from everyone’s friend ‘The Golden Boy’. His latest video is definitely changing what it means to become a #Pickleball Pro.

If you ask us, and you know you did, he’s just trying to find a subtle way to get closer to his gal pal by using his ‘Behind The Chair’ instructional technique surely is original and can benefit beginning as well as Pro pickleball players.

Find most of his other stuff on his Facebook page as well as his Instagram page.

To Play or Not To Play: Pickleball Pros & ESPN3 Say “YES!” – No, Joke.

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This is the controversial story of how three ex-collegiate tennis players and a retired NFL linebacker, joined forces with a poker player, a University of Maryland engineering student, a fringe pro tennis player from Isreal, an immigrant owner of retail sporting goods store and ESPN3; came together to utilize the emerging sport of professional Pickleball, (a tennis-ping pong hybrid; and yes, it’s a thing) to broadcast the first LIVE sporting event two weeks after the deadly Coronavirus pandemic began shutting down collegiate, professional and Olympic sporting events across the world, let alone bringing financial turmoil to global markets and economic gridlock that caused people to lose their jobs, their businesses and their lives.

Could a ‘Magic Glove’ be part of a Best Practices defense against the Corona Virus?

In the process, the broadcast and its participants also navigated a myriad of Federal, State and Local safety orders, including the ‘Stay At Home’ requirements, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Oh, and there was also the use of a Magic Glove. 

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