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Randall’s skills to oversee this project as the Executive Director, and founder of JDQF, are due to his experience and the community relationships he has created in areas of:

Non Profit CollaborationReal Estate & Securities
Community Tennis AssociationSpanish Language Interpretation
Media: TV, Radio & PrintFilm & Special Event Production
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film & special event Production
  • 2002 Olympics
    • Chevrolet – Olympic Torch Run Event
    • Coca Cola – Event Branding Lead
    • Samsung – Captive Audience Marketing Events
    • CNN Sports Illustrated – Writer/Producer
  • Utah Jazz – Game Operations
    • Create Interactive ‘Fan Experience’ Team
  • Sundance Film Festival (Various Years)
  • Vertan’s Day ESPN basketball event on flight deck of a Navy Aircraft Carrier with:
President Barack ObamaU.S. Military Branches
Earvin ‘Magic’ JohnsonPamela Anderson
Event was co-produced with Paramount Pictures
and featured Michigan State vs. North Carolina.
The first time a collegiate basketball game had been played on the deck of a Naval Aircraft Carrier. Inset: President Barack Obama in attendance.
Veteran’s day aircraft carrier classic on espn

Led a two-person production crew to produce and interview various military personnel, athletes and celebrities.

The Magic Man has arrived again, this time he’s standing next to basketball great: Erving Johnson. All kidding aside, was a great honor to meet this basketball legend.
2002 Olympics – Top-of-Mind & Branding Events
  • CNN Sports Illustrated – Writer/Producer: Wrote a series of freelance articles about the Salt Lake Scene to give visitors a local insight into the Host City of the 2002 Winter Games
  • Chevrolet – Olympic Torch Run Event
  • Coca Cola – Top-of-Mind/Event Branding Lead
  • Samsung – Top-of-Mind/Captive Audience Marketing Event
  • Provided audio support and location knowledge for camera crew from Austria
That’s Randall at Center Court with the ‘Mini-Ball Catapult’ into the Upper Deck during a timeout.

Created & Led original 3-person Interactive Fan Team that engaged with NBA fans in the Upper and Lower Bowls of the stadium during games.

That’s Randall entertaining the Playoff fans with balloons.

Provided variety of ‘Game Ops’ functions for Promotional Sponsor’s Game Day & In-Game segments, elements and execution. From pre-produciton meetings, to Idea Generation, to Fan Poster creation, to balloon animals, to ‘Name That Tune’ (accordion style), to promotional giveaways by ticket/seat section, to on-court mini ball toss and ‘sling-shot-catapaulted’ mini-basketballs into the Upper Deck crowd during time outs.

Participated in Bryon Russell Christmas Kids Gifting event and Christmas Shopping Day with Jazz mascot, ‘The Bear’.

Established Utah Wheelin’ Jazz Event & Video Production company.

Former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden kicking off Press Event Tour about local wheelchair basketball team.

Later–as part of a multi-person effort to re-introduce the wheelchair team into the Utah Jazz Business and Game Operations; developed ‘Broadcast Quality’ production elements as fundraising assets for the team. From Video Production with Play-By-Play & Post Game Interviews, to Summer League passes & credentials, to :15 second In-Game Promotional Ads, to Publicity Marketing Campaigns, Media appearances across TV, Radio and Print on a local, national and international basis, to a documentary film with 1984 NBA Coach & Executive of the Year–Frank Layden, Utah Jazz.

sundance film festival – press events & more
2013–Limited Press Event to interview Robert Rodriguez on 20th anniversary of his breakthrough film, ‘El Mariachi’. Rodriguez also directed Spy Kids, From Dusk ’til Dawn and Machete (below)

2010: Sit-down interview with Machete star, Danny Trejo, to discuss:

  • the bidding war for his film, Machete
  • how to stick around on a movie set (or any job, for that matter)
  • the secret that helped him overcome drug addiction and prison before stardom and more!
Wilmer Valderrama , That 70’s Show, honors one of his teachers,
for helping him make a better future for his family.
Audience Q&A of The Tillman Story, originally titled ‘I’m Pat _______ Tillman’.
The topic turns to the media’s coverage on Pat Tillman.