Who is Randall and JDQF?

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“What are you doing that’s unique?”

Randall is a Social Entrepreneur who is uniquely positioned to offer the services of JDQ Sports & Entertainment and/or the Just Don’t Quit Foundation (JDQF), an IRS approved 501c3 non profit, to construct and assemble cross-cultural / bilingual events that will act as a CORE FUNCTION of making the general public more aware of and included in the Adaptive World.

The Just Don’t Quit Foundation was formally organized in December 2013 and IRS approval as a 501c3 came in August of 2014; based on events starting as early as 2004.

give a man money, YOU GET HIS LABOR.
give a man a mission, YOU GET HIS HEART.

@JDQrandall is a Social Entrepreneur and a Cinéma Vérité filmmaker. He takes
novel approaches that have the potential to solve community-based problems.

Randall’s skills to oversee this project as the Executive Director, and founder of JDQF, are due to his experience and the community relationships he has created in the areas of:

Non Profit CollaborationReal Estate & Securities
Community Tennis AssociationSpanish Language Interpretation
Media: TV, Radio & PrintFilm & Special Event Production
SEE BELOW for Video, Pics, Links and Descriptions
non profits – Collabs, AWARENESS & FUNDRAISING

Some of the non profits I have collaborated with over the years include the following: the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, The Road Home, Kathy Ireland’s Christmas Charity Event, Athletes & Entertainers for Kids, CAF- Challenged Athletes Foundation, Spina Bifida Association, Athlete Strong Foundation as well as various wheelchair basketball teams and events, etc.

Non Profit Event Photos & Videos:

The Road Home Holiday Broadcast – filmed the $100k donation from Spence Eccles on behalf of the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation for the Secure Housing Programs at The Road Home.

Mr. Eccles gave JDQF a couple minutes during the Road Home Holiday Broadcast; so, Randall asked Mr. Eccles the following:

Randall to Eccles: "Have you ever given thought to, what it might be
like if your were homeless?

"You're coming from a position where you can give, 
but have you ever thought about that?" (click for his answer)
Spence Eccles donates $100k to the Road Home during the annual Holiday Broadcast.

The Road Home Broadcast Event 2019 – Provided Pickleball Lessons & Apparel for anyone donating to the Road Home

Kathy Ireland’s Christmas Charity Event

Sitting down with self-made $1B entrepreneur and Sports Media icon, Kathy Ireland.

Participated in two aspects of The Kathy Ireland Christmas Charity Celebration event benefiting single mothers (2005, 2009 & 2010, 2011, 2022) in association with Athletes & Entertainers for Kids and 9-1-1 for Kids. One aspect was as a balloon artist for the kids at the event.

Another aspect was as Content Creator for the event video + interview with Kathy Ireland as well as producing the Kid’s Red Carpet interviews.

Best selling SI Swimsuit Issue featuring Kathy Ireland.

Adaptive Sports events (Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis, etc.) Produced Media Events with former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden and other local events to promote wheelchair basketball .

Media Event with Coach Layden promoting audiobook and film about local wheelchair basketball team.
Disney Media Event with Tyler Lathem talking about local wheelchair basketball film during Sundance.

Developed broadcast quality wheelchair basketball event videos, as well as  interviews w/players, coaches, etc.

Established Utah Wheelin’ Jazz Event & Video Production company.

Former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden kicking off Press Event Tour about local wheelchair basketball team.

Later–as part of a multi-person effort to introduce the wheelchair team into the Utah Jazz Business and Game Operations; developed ‘Broadcast Quality’ production elements as fundraising assets for the team. From Video Production with Play-By-Play & Post Game Interviews, to Summer League passes & credentials, to :15 second In-Game Promotional Ads, to Publicity Marketing Campaigns, Media appearances across TV, Radio and Print on a local, national and international basis, to a documentary film with 1984 NBA Coach & Executive of the Year–Frank Layden, Utah Jazz.

Media Event with former Utah Jazz player, Thurl Bailey during the Sundance Film Festival.

Athlete Strong Foundation – Balloon Are for #WeekOfService Christmas Kick Off Event (2019)

The Road Home Charity Flag Football game

Content Creator for the Red/Blue Flag Football game benefitting The Road Home.

There was a lot of action in the second half: scoring, cheap shots and a tackle made by a field mouse. See the Playlist below.